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In my opinion I think personally that John McCain should pick Sarah Palin as the Vice President nominee. If Barack Obama were to pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate, Sarah Palin would also be a women candidate and she would also get some of the votes for Republican women. Sarah Palin is the right candidate to be the vice president she has the same opinion on her view energy policy, the experience, and her opinion on current events. Sarah's energy policy is that she would like to stop green gas emissions within Alaska. She would like to reduce the use of oil from foreign countries, as a response to the rising gas prices she herself made a program for the people of Alaska a debit card of 100 dollars to pay for energy. As the proposal…show more content…
Sarah has vetoed many bills, but one that she vetoed was to cut the state's budget which was one that saved at least 6.6 million for the state. She also has a Lieutenant Governor in 2002, she has many governmental things done in her past, most of those help her get to be the governor of Alaska. In 2008 just recent she herself fired the Commissioner of Public safety, Walt Monegan so that the department would go in a new direction. Sarah would be great since she knows what the people want which is change that could benefit them all. Sarah has a lot of opinions of herself on some of the things that has been going on lately. She is totally opposed to same sex marriage. She supported the democrats advisory vote from the public, which would add to the constitution a new amendment to stop same sex marriage. She also veto the states plan that would give benefits to the same sex couples, and she did this after the she first went to Alaska's attorney general on the legislation. Palin has been getting a lot of support from people that would like her to be the vice president nominee. Sarah Palin would be a great vice president. She would be the first women to be vice president and she would take off the hype from all the media attention from Hillary Clinton as the vice presidential nominee. Sarah would be a great nominee as a women on the republican's

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