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Sarah Bonetta Forbes was famous because she was an African princess who had been saved by Frederick Forbes who worked for Queen Victoria. She was a gift from king gezo to the queen of England. Queen Victoria protected her. Sarah bonetta Forbes was born in early 1800s in West Africa. She was born as a princess in the Egbado village of Okeadan. Sarah bonetta Forbes was an orphan brought by Frederick Forbes who named her Sarah Bonetta Forbes. On their way to England, Sarah was taught by some sailors. Before they arrived in England, Sarah was able to speak a little English. Sarah went to school in England and she learned English so fast. She was a smart girl. Years later, Queen Victoria sent Sarah in Sierra Leone because of her health condition. The cold weather made her sick. She also studied in Sierra Leone and she went back to England again. The conflict that Sarah Bonetta Forbes faced was when the dahomians attacked the Egbado village of Okeandan. The dahomians killed her parents and her siblings. They also killed many people in the village expect some few people and Sarah was part of those people. Those people were going to be sacrifice by the dahomians. But when Frederick Forbes saw the little girl (Sarah Forbes), he told King Gezo to let her go. But King Gezo said “no’. Frederick convinced him and he accepted by giving her to the queen as a gift. In England, Sarah didn’t really know the people. She was also scared. When she saw a man with a sword, the sword made her scared because when she saw it, she thought about when the dahomians was killing her parents and the people of village. Sarah Bonetta Forbes died on august, 1880 in Funchal, Madeira. Sarah was so sick that she couldn’t teach anymore. She had consumption a disease we now know as

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