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Sarah And Sodom Essay

  • Submitted by: jmnarron
  • on June 26, 2011
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Religion 111 Intro to the Old Testament
Research Paper
Jamie M. Narron
Scholarly Journal
I have chosen the article Sarah/Sodom: Birth, Destruction, and Synchronic Transaction by Nachman Levine.   Levine, has written many articles and is a well versed author.
High times of success and prosperity are only too often followed by seasons of depression. Abram had indeed conquered the kings of Assyria, but his very victory might expose him to their vengeance, or draw down the jealousy of those around him. He was but a stranger in a strange land, with no other possession than a promise, and not even an heir to whom to transmit it.   It was natural that Abram should in reply have opened up before God all his wants and his sorrow, as he pointed, not in the language of doubt, but rather of question, to his own childless state, which seemed to leave Eliezer, his servant, his only heir. But Jehovah assured him that he would have seed that was numberless as the stars in the sky.
To confirm this faith Jehovah now gave to Abram a sign and a seal, which only added more to his faith. For this purpose the Lord directed Abram to bring a heifer, a she- goat, and a ram, each of three years old, also a turtle-dove and a young pigeon. These sacrifices - for they were all representatives of the kinds afterwards used as sacrifices - were to be divided, and the pieces laid one against the other, as the custom was in making a covenant, the covenanting parties always passing between them, as it were to show that now there was no longer to be division, but that what had been divided was to be considered as one between them. All day long, as it seemed to Abram, he sat watching lonely, only driving from the carcasses the birds of prey which came down upon them.   Presently even gathered around, and a deep sleep and a horror of great darkness fell upon Abram. The age of each sacrificed animal, the long, lonely day, the birds of prey swooping around, and the horror that had come with the...

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