Sarah and Angelina Grimke and the Abolishment Movement

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Sarah and Angelina Grimke and the Abolishment Movement Slavery in America is older than the United States itself. Africans were first brought as laborers to colonies in 1619. By the mid 1660’s, most Africans had been made into slaves. The reason being that the southerners needed many workers to grow crops such as: tobacco, rice, and cotton. In the beginning most of these workers were know as indentured servants. In exchange for their fees being paid to come to America they had to work a certain amount of years to pay off their debts. As time went fewer and fewer indentured servants came to America. Eventually slave traders brought more Africans to America. In 1680 blacks made up about 7 percent of Virginia’s population, but by 1750 they were nearly 44 percent. The Abolition movement happened in the 1800’s to end slavery. The majority of abolitionist’s activity happened in the United States and Great Britain, but it also occurred in other countries as well. The American Colonization Society was founded sometime in the year 1817. It led antislavery protests during the early 1800’s. Its goal was to send the free slaves back to Liberia, Africa. The abolition movement slowly went throughout the Northern United States, even though the southern states didn’t want that to happen, which led the United States to be torn in two. | Most of the well known abolitionist leaders came from all over the world. Some of these being women, who played an important role. Some of these men and women are: James Russell Lowell, John Greenleaf Whittier, Wendell Phillips, Sarah Grimke, Theodore Weld and Angelina Grimke Weld, Arthur and Lewis Tappan, Lucretia Mott, James Forten, Robert Purvis, and others. (Essortment) This movement entered into a new area in 1840, when some of its leaders entered politics and founded the Liberty Party. A man by the name of James G. Birney, for

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