Sara The Teen Mom Essay

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1 Sarah is a teenager, she dropped out of high school because of she has got a child. She lives at home with his mother and sister who initially help her with child, but after a while they did not bother to help her as much anymore, and she must take care of here own at home. She has no father because he died last year. she is tired of her child, she never comes out the door. she gets bored she feels lonely, she would like to return to school. the child has made her crazy, the child cries all the time no matter what she do she can not get someone to stop it. He scratches himself until it begins to bleed she gives him gloves on so he does not scratch himself. you can read on page 9 column 45 that she said inside herself How could she love a crature like this? How did people find it in themselves to love such a thing? she is tired of the baby, and she looks at dumpsters and rivers as possible options.She go to the diner and meet daniel, daniel is the father of the child, but she would not tell him it and he pretends to know nothing. she asks a boy if he would keep a eye on the baby because she will get something in the car. but she does not return she jumps into the car and drive away from the baby as if it was a purse. She was not supposed to get pregnant whit the baby, she had kept it hidden from her mother, and when she first told his mother about the child it was too late to get an abortion. 2 I assume Sarah is a perfectly normal teenager until she gets she child with Daniel. she is not mature enough to have a child, and then she just suddenly becomes a mother, it is a big responsibility for her. and as we read in the text, is why she drive away from the child is motivated by boredom and loneliness. she wanted to go back to school, she wanted her normal life back. 3 I believe that Sarah comes in diner and see how everyone has a little more freedom than

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