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Sara Compare and contrast the developmental situation they are in, Sara has avoided something that Julie hasn’t in this stage of their lives. Sara and Julie are in stage seven of Erickson’s theory: Generativity versus stagnation. Sara is wanting to reach out to her community to give back and guide through college and Julie is wanting to do the same in guiding her grandchildren. Their lives are changing or transitioning into middle adulthood. For Sara this is leading her to formal education. Julie this is wanting to pass on family history and values onto her grandchildren. Both are looking for ways to find positive meaning in their lives as they become older. Julie might be feeling more motivated and a sense of accomplishment and mentoring her young adult child and her grandchildren is her way of giving back.. Now Sara might be feeling old and that she hasn’t accomplished anything of importance in her life and education is her way of filling that need or fixing it. (Braun 2012) Discuss the career stage Sara is in. Sara is in the establishment stage of her career. She is almost done raising her children or they are teenagers now and she isn’t needed as much in fulfilling her cargiver needs to them. Now she is feeling the need to go back to school, finish her degree, and pursue her next career as a nurse to continue her caregiving to her community. (Braun 2012) Margaret What do the notes say in relation to Margaret and her sex life? It is possible that intimitacy has decreased do to physical changes in their bodies. They may be feeling less attractive to each other then when they were first married. Womens bodies internally change as they get older and arousal or organism may take longer. Her spouse may not be up to that mentally or physically. Possibly her husband may have

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