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santeriaSanteria: A Practical Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic Luis M. Nuñez 1 Table of Contents Introduction. Chapter 1. Historical notes. Chapter 2. Ceremonies. Chapter 3. The Sacrifice. Chapter 4. The Gods I. Chapter 5. The Gods II. Chapter 6. The Gods III. Chapter 7. The Gods IV. Chapter 8. The Oracles I. Chapter 9. The Oracles II. Chapter 10. The Oracles III. Chapter 11. The Oracles IV. Chapter 12. Talismans, Spells & Implorations I. Chapter 13. Talismans, Spells & Implorations II. 2 Introduction Santeria is not an archaic religion. It is a vibrant force with five hundred years of continuous history in the Western Hemisphere. Its African roots go back at least as far as Christianity's. Santeria has millions of followers spread across the United States, the Caribbean, Central, and South America. There is Voodoo in Haiti, Macumba in Brazil and Candomble in the Northern coasts of South America. Its adherents come from all walks o f life; doctors, lawyers, politicians, thieves and pimps. All those who seek the power to control their own lives and want to lead them in accord with the deepest parts of their beings are candidates for initiation into Santeria. As the traditional belief systems of the Western world cease to provide a direct emotional involvement with the mysteries of life, more and more people are turning to the throbbing of the Santeria drums. It is a religion of trance, mystery, posse ssion, blood and sex. What follows is a brief glimpse into Santeria. If you want to know more, go to the ceremonies, burn the candles and dance to the drums. Skin color or language are no barriers. The ancient gods will recognize their own. Chapter One HISTORICAL NOTES Santeria's roots are in Africa, in the Yoruba religions native to Nigeria. It was brought to the New World by the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who were hunted down

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