Santa Paws To The Rescue Essay

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Santa Paws is a book about an orphan puppy that is forced to survive on his own in a small town called Oceanport after his mother, brothers, and sisters abandon him. They got caught by Charlie, the Oceanport animal control officer, and were placed with good families. The story takes place at Christmas time and the orphan puppy has to try to find food, water and a warm place to sleep. He wins the heart of an 11 year old boy, Gregory, and his 12 year old sister, Patricia, who try to catch him and make him their pet after the family collie, Marty, dies. They then started giving him food and other thing to eat. Patricia asked her mom if they could take him home but her mom said no at first. They took him in and named him Santa Paw because he always saved people around Christmas Time. Many years had passed and Santa Paw had been a hero in his community. He was saving peoples lives and had many great adventures and experiences. He and his two friends the cats, Abigail and Evelyn, were very unusual animals; they would know when something bad would happen. On the day before Christmas Eve, the weather man reported that a terrible snow storm was approaching but nobody took it serious and just went on with there day. The big storm soon came and the Callahan family got separated from each other. Gregory was at a game twenty miles away, Patricia was serving detention, Mrs. Callahan was in a school meeting and Mr. Callahan was at home worried about everyone. Mr. Callahan got terribly worried about his family when the dog and cats started acting strangely so he went to look for them. While on his way out, a big tree fell in the Callahan’s house, Santa Paw and his cat friend Abigail got out. Everywhere was dark and they were no electricity in the town. They went looking for there family but on there way to look for them, Santa Paw had to rescue a lot of injured people on

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