Sanitation Master Plumber Essay

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DEVELOPMENT OF SOURCES OF WATER FOR RURAL RESIDENCES DEVELOPMENT OF SOURCES OF WATER FOR RURAL RESIDENCES 1.1 WATER & SAFE DRINKING WATER 1.2 HYDROLOGICAL CYCLE Components of Water Cycle Evaporation Transpiration Sublimation Runoff Precipitation Transportation 1. is evaporation of liquid water from plants and trees into the atmosphere. About 90% of all water that enters the roots transpires into atmosphere. 2. is the process by which a substance changes from the gas phase to liquid phase. At this stage water vapor (a gas) changes back into a water droplets (a liquid). This is when we begin to see clouds, fog, dew, or frost form. 3. is water that falls to the earth. Clouds are composed of millions of water droplets by colliding and coalescing with one another. Eventually, the droplets can grow large enough that they will not be able to stay suspended in the cloud. When this occurs, they fall out of the cloud as precipitation. Most precipitation falls as rain but includes snow, sleet, drizzle, and hail. 4. is the process by which substance changes from the liquid phase to gas phase. It is the change of state of water (a liquid) to water vapor (a gas). 5. is the process where ice and snow ( a solid) changes into water vapor ( a gas) without moving through the liquid phase. 6. is the movement of solid, liquid, and gaseous water through the atmosphere. Without this movement, the water evaporated over the ocean would not precipitate over land. 7. is the variety of ways which water moves over the earth's surface. If precipitation occurs faster than it can infiltrate the ground, it become ________.___________ remains in the surface and flows into streams, rivers, and eventually large bodies such as lakes or the ocean. WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM 1. Types of Water Supply 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 1500 2500 3500 4500

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