Sandy Hook Promise Analysis

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Tragedy can strike anywhere. It has no boundaries. It knows no age, race, or creed. It can happen at any moment. Even the most unassuming of people can fall prey to these heart wrenching occurrences. However, it should not be the incident itself which defines us, but rather our reactions as depicted by Pat Eaton-Robb’s “‘Sandy Hook Promise’ Grassroots Group Aims to Build Stronger Community To Help Newtown Heal” article. Communities can and should heal in the aftermath to prevent future events by correcting flaws in existing protocol, creating a better sense of safety, promoting awareness, boosting morale, and fortifying relationships. When any disastrous incident, such as a school shooting, occurs it is important to analyze the actions and responses of all involved. The community must first understand the details to help avoid further tragedies. For example, flaws in communication could greatly affect the outcome of these unfortunate situations. Many have speculated that the number of victims of the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings could have been less if school officials would have alerted the students immediately. Instead the campus was made aware of the alarming dangers two hours after the initial shots were…show more content…
Getting to know neighbors can give a better insight to the area in which the tragedy took place. In the case of Sandy Hook, many parents wondered “if I had reached out to them, would things have been different?#” Though this question may never have a concrete or satisfying answer, perhaps closer knits communities could prevent an individual like Adam Lanza from acting out in the future. Reemphasizing morals and familial structures could shift one to become a more ethical and upstanding citizen. Instilled values, especially at young age, can determine the behavior of a child later in life. Rebbecca Kowalski says it is important to be “an intricate part in their
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