Sandwich Blitz-Swot Essay

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Sandwhich Blitz, Inc has thought about expanding their company on a large scale. There are a lot pros and cons that can come with this. Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats will all surface at some point. Deciding if this expansion is worth it can be determined by some of the SWOT analysis. The biggest strength I can see for this expansion would be financial growth. Going to a large city means more people and more money. Placing the store in the right area that would allow the store to gain new business. Looking at the other stores, I would suggest placing the store near a hospital or a college. If not there a shopping mall where thousands of people shop every day. They can profit from all holidays shoppers, visitor and mall workers. Some weaknesses with opening a store on a large scale would be not having control over the bigger problems. Since the company hasn’t quite yet managed to control the smaller issues, I would think it would be bigger fires and more waste occurring. Keeping up with the demand of the operation on a bigger scale will require more attention to detail with the order of operation. Another weakness that the company may have with expanding is lack of resources in such competitive market. Expanding will enable Networking and Capitalizing which is a great opportunity moment for the business. Being that there are so many different businesses to work in partnership with, Sandwich Blitz, Inc can grow tremendously. Capitalizing on all areas that doesn’t have any sandwich shops of its kind. Getting gyms and other fitness businesses to sales their product will work in their favor. This will help whole sales and create more business. People would want to visit the actual store to see more. Threats are usually the competitors. However, they can face a poor response from the community. Customers are usually comfortable in their brands. Being

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