Sandstorm Story Essay

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October 31, 2011 Year 8 – English Sandstorm When I learnt that my squadron was in Greece, I wasted no time. The next day early in the morning, I went to the hospital and said farewells to my doctors and to Nurse Mary Welland. I got on my Hurricane’s cockpit and flew South-East away from Alexandria. After a few hours, I realized that I wasn’t flying over the Mediterranean Sea. Where was I heading? I checked my map and figured out that I was flying the wrong direction. I didn’t have much fuel left, I had to land somewhere. I checked my map one more time; I was heading to Saudi Arabia. I had travelled for two hours and forty minutes. I had to land. As I landed, I could feel the pain in my legs growing even stronger. I landed slowly and smoothly on to the desert floor. I threw myself out the cockpit and collapsed on the oven like sand. My legs were hurting so terribly, I couldn’t get up. I was sound asleep in no time. I woke up with the sand tickling my hands. I opened my eyes; the Sun was high in the sky. It was hot. Really hot, I think it was the hottest moment in my life. Was I in an oven? Was someone roasting me alive? I wanted water, gallons and gallons of water. The wind felt like it was blowing the moisture away from me. I couldn’t see a sign of something living around me. It was all blistering sand. Maybe there was a village nearby. Maybe they saw my Hurricane land. Maybe they were waiting for me. I stood up, forgetting the pain in my legs; I started walking away from my Hurricane. I walked for about five minutes, but still I couldn’t see anything except sand. I went back to my Hurricane, and walked a different direction. But still there was no sign of anything. I walked back to my Hurricane, I was hungry and thirsty. Maybe there was water in my cabin. I got in the cockpit and searched for something. But I couldn’t find water. The only

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