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Sandpiper In the last paragraph line two “I wait for my daughter to grow away from me”. The author is losing her daughter to her husband because she is not accustomed to their Middle Eastern culture which is distancing the author from her daughter and husband. If she chooses to leave her husband and goes to Scotland she will be separated from her daughter as well because her daughter would cope more easily in Egypt than in Scotland. “I see different things from those I saw that summer six years ago”. Her perspective of where and who she is living with has changed. “The last of the foam is swallowed bubbling into the sand, to sink down and rejoin the sea at an invisible subterranean level.” Her husband’s culture, symbolised as the sea, seems to be forcibly merged onto her. She is losing her cultural identity which is symbolised as the sand. Each time she takes their cultural values she loses her own. She proceeds to accept their culture and then eventually rejects it. This is also symbolised by, “with each ebb of green water the sand loses part of itself to the sea, with each flow another part is flung back to be reclaimed once again by the beach.” She understands very little about Egypt and its culture and can only form her own opinion of the culture through her husband and his family. The same applies for her husband. Their perception of each other’s culture is limited to what they learn from each other and not through their countries which follow their customs. They can’t/won’t ever truly understand each other’s customs and culture because they weren’t born and raised in each other’s customs and now have set opinions which clashes with their ability to truly accept each other’s customs. They can only accept their own. This is supported by “That narrow stretch of sand knows nothing in the world better than it does the white waves that whip it, caress it, collapse

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