Sandbox's 'Inhale': A Narrative Fiction

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Sandbox Inhale. Exhale. Squeeze. BANG! The report of my rifle was deafening even in the midst of all the chaos around me. About 50 meters from where I was standing the Humvee I had ridden here in exploded in a ball of flames. “RPG!” I yelled as I shook my head, trying to remove the ringing from my head. Scanning the tops of the buildings my squad and I were between, I spotted a man dressed in all black readying another rocket. I steadied my rifle. Inhale. Exhale. Squeeze. BANG! An instant later the man dropped from view. He never came back up. I was sitting in my room, reading a letter from home when Sergeant Grace ripped open the door and told me to get my squad ready to move. This was going to be big. We were tasked to head into the nearby town and clear out a group of…show more content…
Everyone piled out and started to move towards the second Humvee when all of a sudden explosions rocked the street about 100 meters in front of us. Rockets and explosive devices were quickly turning the street into a death trap. I signaled for my team from the first Humvee to scatter to the cover of the side streets. I could see the bullets landing at my feet kicking up dust and sand, making it hard to breathe. Sweat was pouring off of me caking dust and sand to my face and stinging my eyes. Slamming my back against the wall of a building I turned and watched in horror as two of my men were cut down by enemy fire. I was in shock but could not afford to freeze up. Signaling for cover fire, I had the closest squad mate run to the bodies with me and carry them to the next vehicle. We loaded them into the Humvee which had quickly become crowded when the side of it was lit up by enemy fire from an adjacent building. The soldier on the .50 caliber lit up the side of the building with a few bursts from his gun turning the walls into nothing more than rubble. No one returned

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