The Sanctuary Of School Analysis

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Lynda Barry describes a childhood of neglect in “The Sanctuary of school” (1996). She grew up in a dysfunctional family where she was a “child with the sound turned off”. Her family struggled with poverty and substance abuse. This could have been disastrous if not for the intervention of a caring teacher. Mrs. LeSane, her elementary teacher, believed in using art as therapy to help troubled children. Ms. Barry feels that attending school and the availability of creative programs like art and music are essential to kids. Barry is adamant that children from dysfunctional homes, like the one she grew up in, can greatly benefit from the stable environment school can provide. Her belief is that by funding creative programs and providing before and after…show more content…
I applaud the men and women that make teaching their career. Teachers like Mrs. LeSane, who try to recognize children at risk and make a difference. It must be very difficult to care for a room full of kids, knowing that they may come to you tired and hungry, from a home unable to provide for them. I know one teacher who keeps a supply of snacks in her room for the kids that come to class hungry. I know she pays for this herself. This is a woman trying to make a difference. Ms. Barry believes school should be a sanctuary for children, I think she is right. For the less fortunate kids, the daily ritual of being in school, of having people acknowledge you, and of having a hot meal, may be the best experience they get each day. Every child at school is equal, no one knows if you are tucked into bed with hugs and kisses or if you fall asleep in front of a T.V alone. The American people have to face the fact that not all parents are capable or able to do the best they can for their children. We should
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