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Sanctuary Tami R. S. Penley’s poem, “Sanctuary”, consists of images and ideas that relate to the central meaning of the poem. In this poem, a sanctuary is described as a place of safety and peace. It is a place that you created and know well. As Penley says, “You made this world- your creation/ Not terra incognito, but domestica cognito:” (11-12). It is filled with all things related to you, “All dedicated to the organic mess of you” (15). The central meaning of the poem is for the you, the reader, to find out who you really are as a person and to deal with your problems. Words such as, explore, come, and hide are repeated throughout the poem. This is to emphasize the importance and meaning of these words. Such as, “Come” and “Explore” (1-29). These words are inviting and make you want to enter the sanctuary, which represents your mind in this poem. Other verbs such as, survey and looking, suggest the same idea. For example, “Survey the terrain” (5). This sentence make you want to enter and explore around. All of these words and phrases relate to the central meaning of the poem. They reinforce how a person is looking deep inside themselves and finding out who they really are. Phrases in the middle of the poem continue to reinforce the meaning of the poem. “Things hide here and hold secrets about you” (15). This line suggests that your sanctuary knows the secrets of your life and what troubles you. “Lessons lurk here among the debris of your life” (22). This reminds you that while you know the conflicts of your life, you also know the lessons you learned in your life. Some longer phrases in the poem also reinforce the meaning of the poem. The poem tells you to, “Face the brown-eyed demon skulking there smell of grits” (33). This demon symbolizes the problems in your life, and the poem is telling you to face them and deal with them. The poem then tells

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