San Joaquin Valley Scavenger Hunt Analysis

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San Joaquin Valley: Information Scavenger Hunt INSTRUCTIONS: VISIT EACH LINK AND GAIN INTERESTING AND VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY AND SOME OF ITS FAMOUS RESIDENCE. WRITE ALL ANSWERS IN ITALICS. SAVE AS: Am or Pm_last name_first name_sanjoaquinvalleyscavengerhunt Submit to RosanderDropBox 1. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the total population of the eight counties comprising the San Joaquin Valley was ___3,971,659_________________. 2. Name two famous country singers who called the San Joaquin Valley home: _________________buck Owens_____ and ___billy Mize_____________________ 3. In the 1960s and 70s, the ___United farm workers_________________, led…show more content…
Approximately _____15,00_____ acres of fresh tomatoes and ____110,000______ acres of processing tomatoes are grown annually in the southern San Joaquin Valley. True or (False) (italicize one): California is NOT the major supplier of carrots for the US. Mining ground water for agriculture has enabled the San Joaquin Valley of California to become one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, while simultaneously contributing to what? ____to one of the single largest alterations of the land surface attributed to humankind.___ California ranks as the largest agricultural producing state in the nation, producing what percent of the total U.S. agricultural value? ____11_____% The Central Valley of California produces about what percent of the nation’s table food on only 1 percentof the country’s farmland? ____25_____ % The San Joaquin Valley is the state's top agricultural producing region, sometimes called ______”the nations salad bowl”__________________ for the great array of fruits and vegetables grown in its fertile…show more content…
While levels of airborne particles exceed the federal standard less than five times annually, because the California standard is set at a lower and more protective level, the Valley exceeds this limit an average of _____90-100__________ days per year. According to this source… What caused most of the job loss in the San Joaquin valley? __The subprime mortgage crisis and housing implosion caused most of the job loss in the San Joaquin Valley.__ UOP studies have estimated that ______47,000__________ construction jobs were lost in San Joaquin Valley, as opposed to _______8,500_________ jobs in agriculture. True or False (italicize one): All of the agricultural jobs lost in the San Joaquin Valley were due to Endangered Species Act related cutbacks of pumping from the Delta. The UOP study estimated that 8,500 agricultural jobs were lost in the Valley due to cutbacks in water deliveries, but of those jobs, ______6,500_____ were lost due to the ______drought_______, and 2,000 were lost due to the ESA related

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