San Joaquin Valley Essay

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San Joaquin Valley: Information Scavenger Hunt INSTRUCTIONS: VISIT EACH LINK AND GAIN INTERESTING AND VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY AND SOME OF ITS FAMOUS RESIDENCE. WRITE ALL ANSWERS IN ITALICS. SAVE AS: Am or Pm_last name_first name_sanjoaquinvalleyscavengerhunt Submit to RosanderDropBox 1. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the total population of the eight counties comprising the San Joaquin Valley was ___3,971,659_________________. 2. Name two famous country singers who called the San Joaquin Valley home: _________________buck Owens_____ and ___billy Mize_____________________ 3. In the 1960s and 70s, the ___United farm workers_________________, led by César Chavez_______________, went on numerous strikes and called for boycotts of table grapes. 4. Which two freeways run along almost the entire length of the San Joaquin Valley? ________Interstate 5___________ and _______State Route 99_____________ 5. List the 8 counties that make up the San Joaquin Valley: 1. Fresno 5. Delano 2. Atwater 6. Los Banos 3. Ceres 7. Hanford 4. Clovis 8. Selma Fresno County has more than ___3.3_____ million turkeys. One out of every ___five jobs in the Central Valley is related to agriculture. It takes __3___ gallons of water to produce a serving of lettuce; __7__ gallons of water to produce a slice of whole wheat bread; and ___14__ gallons to produce one serving of oranges. Fresno County produces more than ___350___ commercial crops. (True) or False (italicize one): Cotton is a food crop. (True)

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