Samuel F. B Morse Research Paper

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On April 27, 1791 the first child of the geographer and Pastor Jedidiah Morse was born. This child is remarkable in many ways, but with his greatest invention the telegraph. As most of you would have already just this mans name is Samuel F.B Morse like most people in the world Samuel was confused in what to make of his life. Samuel did many remarkable things in life. His father jedidiah always wanted his son to grow up with a great education. Unlike Samuel’s brother he did not like school. After attending Phillips Academy in Andover, Samuel went on to Yale College to receive instruction in the subjects of religious philosophy, mathematics and science. While at Yale, he attended lectures on electricity. In 1810, he graduated from Yale. While in college Samuel got an interest in painting and made money by painting. In 1810, he graduated from Yale.…show more content…
More importantly, this particular work attracted the attention of famous artist, Washington Allston. Allston wanted Samuel to come with him to England to meet the famous British artist Benjamin west. An agreement for three year stay was made with Samuel and his father set sail with Allston aboard the Lydia on July 15, 1811. Upon his arrival in England, Samuel diligently worked on perfecting painting techniques under the careful eye of Allston and by the end of 1811; he gained admittance to the Royal
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