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Samuel Adams was a Harvard educated colonist from Boston Massachusetts. He was a politician and prominent American leader during the period before, during, and after the American Revolution. His important contributions during the Revolution were significant. As one of the first colonials to oppose taxation without representation Adams gained a name for himself in statewide politics where he assumed leadership of a group known as the Massachusetts “radicals.” He was one of the first American political figures to speak of American independence. Samuel Adams was a passionate and skilled propagandist and was the author of many newspaper letters and essays under various names where he painted British taxes and policies in the harshest sense. As a skilled political organizer he built upon his organization and political committees to the benefit of his position regarding issues. Upon passage of the Townsend Acts his initial attempts to have the colony of Massachusetts take harsh steps were unsuccessful. However, the subsequent arrival of British troops in Boston offered him a target to focus colonial opposition and his harsh portrayals in colonial newspapers had spread throughout the colony. Even when the Townsend taxes were repealed Adams was able to present new issues and revived old ones. In 1773 the passage of the Tea Act offered him a new target and while he was not a participant in the Boston Tea Party he was one of the planners. He was also a leading figure of dissent with the British response known as the Intolerable Acts. He was a member of the First Continental Congress where he was a proponent of a strong stand against Britain. Along with his cousin, John Adams, he was one of the first Congressmen to call for final separation from Britain. In 1776, as a delegate to the Continental Congress, he signed the Declaration of

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