Samsung SDI into Vietnam Essay

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1. Introduction Samsung SDI is one of the leading companies for displays and digital mobile industry with the world’s top class technology in this field of business. As a successful digital display and next generation energy company, Samsung SDI is aimed to stay competitive by securing overseas production plants as well as establishing various R&D centers in the world’s leading technology countries. Samsung SDI has already begun entering foreign markets setting up bases in China and Eastern Europe. With the ever rapidly changing global economy and businesses, this paper will suggest Samsung SDI’s further foreign entries and expansion. The target foreign market will be analyzed according to the potentials in its labor force, cultural similarity, continuous economic growth, government status, and country’s involvement in world trade. Then, the paper will clearly articulate on the various entry modes of Samsung SDI, and possibly suggest the company’s most effective strategy in entering the specific foreign market: Vietnam. 2. Standpoint of Samsung SDI Samsung SDI has devoted to develop desirable display with its unparalleled display development technology since 1970. We will analyze the company carefully by looking at its unique history. Initially, Samsung SDI started as Samsung-NEC Inc. on January 20, 1970. As a manufacturer of major electronic parts such as vacuum tubes, CRTs and Discharge Display Tubes, Samsung SDI jumped into the absolutely undeveloped domestic electronics business, in particular, parts and components business, which was complicated and required greater facility investments. Later such a bold move led the company to spearhead advancement of the Korean electronic part industry. The vacuum tube, the first product of Samsung SDI, was out on May 16, 1970, which became the foundation day of the company. Since then, businesses have gone on

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