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Explain in brief about the consumer buying decision process Consumer often goes through various stages before purchasing a product. There are multiple factors which influences buying decision. Most purchases are emotion driven, factor which influence are loyalty towards a brand, peer pressure, economic conditions, availability, store location etc. Though instinct plays a major role, there are certain steps which consumer goes through before purchasing a product. It’s not always necessary to go through below steps before purchasing a product. Also not all buying decisions lead to purchase. Stages which consumer goes through before purchasing a product 1. Need recognition 2. Information search 3. Evaluation of alternatives 4. Purchase decision and Purchase 5. Post purchase evaluation 1. Need recognition This is the key factor which leads to buying or which initiate the buying process. Buying process begins when the consumer recognizes a problem or need. If the need is just to quench thirst, consumers need not go through step 2 and 3. But step 2 and 3 could be important unless it is a routine purchase or unless consumer is emotionally connected to a product. 2. Information Search When consumer discovers a problem they try to get as much information as they can. A consumer becomes more attentive to ads, discusses with friends, family members, peers, other acquaintances, web search etc. Through gathering information, the consumer learns more about some brands that compete in the market and their features and characteristics. Though, there is a total set of brands available, consumer become aware of only a subset of the brands (awareness set) in the market. Some of these brands may satisfy initial buying criteria, such as price (consideration set). As consumer proceeds to more information search, only a few will remain as strong

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