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Creating a Global Brand MKT7500 W12 03/19/12 Table of Contents Introduction Page 2 Kim’s Responsibilities at SEC Page 2 Corporate Strategies and Implications for Marketing Page 5 Kim’s Marketing Structure and Programs Page 8 Kim’s influence at SEC Page 12 Conclusions Page 14 Recommendations Page 16 Marketing and Positioning Page 16 Monitoring Brand Value and Brand Equity Page 20 Other Considerations Page 21 Appendix A Ingredients of Brand Value Page 25 Appendix B Ingredients of Brand Equity and Its Benefits Page 26 References Page 27 Introduction Samsung Electronics Company (SEC) is challenged with building the Korean manufacture’s brand into a global force that will rival industry leaders like Sony, in customer appeal, quality, and market share. This challenge isn’t going to be easy. Early on in their existence Samsung was the biggest consumer electronics maker that most consumers had never heard about. Samsung Electronics Company (SEC) began doing business as a major manufacturer for basic electronics and home appliances for larger OEMs. The company had competed mainly as a behind the scenes supplier of computer monitors and semiconductors to more powerful multinationals as a supplier of commodity products for global markets. Even as it increasingly went to market with its own branded PDAs, mobile phones, televisions, and DVD players, Samsung was considered a low cost brand, with low visibility and differentiation to match. SEC Chairman Kun He Lee had begun initiatives to transform the company in 1993 and by 2000; Eric Kim was brought in as head of marketing to lead the way in building Samsung into a top tier global brand. Through the organizational corporate strategies which were implemented under Lee and the marketing strategies implemented under Kim, Samsung has begun to create brand value and must now

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