Sampling In The Storm And The New Girl

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Sampling in the Storm The New Girl Order The article by Mary Pipher “Sampling in the Storm” and Kay S. Hymnowitz “The New Girl Order were both about gender matters, gender matters about women in the past and in the present year. Mary Pipher explained the pressures of most of the girls now these days and Kay Hymnowitz states that young women today are marrying later than they used to be in years ago. These two articles both explain the different life of the women in our society yesterday and today. Pressures from the teenagers and stress from the parents of the teens is the most important thing in that Mary Pipher differs. Divorced families, chemical addictions, casual sex, and violence against women are some of the contribution that girls have pressured on. Stress of the parents from yesterday was a lot more today. Yesterday, parents are worried about their sixteen year old daughter to drive but today, in a time of drive by shooting and car-jacking parents can be panicked. Parents have always worried about their daughter’s sexual behavior but today, in a time of date rapes, herpes, and AIDS, they can be sex-phobic. Traditionally, \parents have wondered what their teens doing, but today teens are much more likely to be doing things that can get them killed. (431) For me, this means a lot the writer that she wants to let us know that there is more trouble now than years ago. Everything is new and it is happening everyday of our lives. If you can think that this is a negative thing, this can also be hard to the teenage that are experiencing the cultural changes in decades. For me, when my mother are reprimanding me and my sister, she always compare her experience to our experience now how they were raised and how the environment they used to. Kay S. Hymnowitz article “The New Girl Order”, I find it to be very convincing and beautifully written. It has a lot of

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