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1. Buddhists are encouraged to order their lives to try to achieve Nirvana. Describe how the sacred impacts human existence in at least two other major religions. Identify the religions and present a descriptive Nirvana is term that generally means to blow out. This concept of Nirvana was first defined by the Lord Buddha (566-486BC).According to the Buddhist, Nirvana is the climax of happiness, a state where no suffering occurs. They also consider it as the highest level of enlightenment one can achieve. To achieve the Nirvana one must do away with behaviors such as hatred, delusion and greed. The other two major religions are Christianity and Islam Christianity is one of the religion with highest population. It originated from Israel. Just as the Buddhist have Buddha Christianity is based on Jesus Christ. The sacred text used in Christianity is the word of God that is the Bible .Christians do their worshiping in church. Christians also do observe the major festivals which are Easter and Christmas. Christianity is based upon being saved by the blood of Jesus Christ as the lord after which one claims salvation through baptism. The Christians do observe the ten commandment and use the word of God as their daily guide. Christianity recognizes the weaknesses associated with being human and believe in confession of sins as a daily process to receive forgiveness. There is also an aspect of the devil where by those who commit evils in the world and die before repenting are likely to burn in hell. The other major religion is Islamic religion. Its origin was the Saudi Arabia. Islamic followers are known as Muslims. Muslims believe in Allah. Their sacred text is the Quran and do their worshipping in the mosque. Muslims like Christians do have their festivals. Muslim festivals are Ramadan, Eid-ul-Adah and the Eid-ul-Fitr.The basic meaning of the word Islam is obedience

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