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Natasha Policy Statement – My policy aims to try to stop, or at least reduce the amount of drunken incidents by creating a policy, where if an individual is barred from one club or pub due to their drunken and/ or aggressive behaviour, then they’re banned from all the clubs and pubs in the area for the night. If they’re behaviour continues however, or they become increasingly violent or aggressive then they could become barred for a longer period or even banned indefinitely. Rationale - I want to introduce this policy to help the general population but especially those aged 18-25, as they’re more immersed in the ‘binge drinking’ culture and atmosphere. However not everyone reacts or acts in the same way when they have been drinking, but they still…show more content…
This is about family’s being able to go out during the evening without constantly being on the alert for drunken youths. People leaving work late without having to deal with idiotic and dangerous behaviour, and drivers not having to be on the lookout for bodies falling into the road because of violent confrontations or simply because they’ve had that much that they can hardly stand, not to mention individuals driving under the influence because their morals, respect for others & thought processes have seemed to vanish. This policy can help to reduce the amount of crime, not simply because of drunken individuals turning to violence or crime, but also from people being taken advantage of whilst in their inebriated state, be that theft, violence or through sexual abuse. “Every year, there are almost 1.5 million victims of violent attacks committed by people under the influence of drink (excluding domestic violence). Every weekend, people avoid their town and city centres for fear that they will be attacked or intimidated by drunken youths." Procedures
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