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March, 26th, 2014 Subject : Letter of Recommendation for Ms. Andi Buanasari To Whom It May Concern, It is my great pleasure as a lecturer and an advisor to recommend Andi Buanasari for admission to graduate study focusing on Psychiatric Nursing at Yonsei University. I have known her for about 6 years when she took my class in Community Health Nursing and Surgical Nursing. She was one of the sincere, versatile and excellent student. She was very active in a study group discussion and always led her study group. However, she got excellent score in the subjects. Overall her GPA is 3,46. I also as an etchical commitee in Hasanuddin University Hospital where she currently works. and I saw her as a professional worker. she was a promising young woman with excellent academic achievement and innate talent. Our contact became more frequent and intensive when she represented our nursing program at National Nursing Paper Competition. The topic was about mental rehabilitation for childreen after disaster and her team got 2nd place on that competition. Then, she represented our nursing program at paper competition in University level which the topic still related to mental health and her team got 2nd place again. all I had to do was supervising and advicing on her papers. she has a good writing skill and very good in oral presentation. I found out that she has a big enthusiasm in mental health issues. Thats why I recommend her to apply to Psychiatric Nursing. Moreover, I also supervised her on her undergraduate thesis and I found that she has penchant for research work. The diligence and intellectual ability, which she displayed during her research, were a clear indication of her research potential. From these experiences, I assure that she will conduct her research in Master degree well. Apart from her academic career, she was actively involved in organisation activities.
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