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Evaluation Plan Beauty Sama Grand Canyon University NRS-441v Instructor: Dr. Joyce Morrison (Drj) Evaluation Plan The writer’s PICO question will change the policies and procedures in the hospitals in ultimate goal to reduce CAUTI in patients. This change will affect the outcome of patient care, with that in mind there is great need to evaluate the plan, making sure that although it is an administrative interventions all areas of this change is examine for patient safety. In the proposed solution, there are independent variables (see Appendix A) in the research are; materials used for catheterization, policies and procedures for catheter insertion and removal, and nursing and professional staff. The dependent variables,…show more content…
Materials: The main goal is early removal of catheter; delegating role to the appropriate personnel (see Appendix C). 2. The measurement before and after implementation of the propose solution (see Appendix C), gathering data from hospital records as it related to incidence of CAUTI over three month, six month and one year-period. Methods: Meeting was head with the administrative personnel and nursing managers to help establish the guidelines for all employees working with patients and educating them on the important of preventing catheterization which leads to CAUTI. The concept of team building will be the central of the discussion of these nursing meetings and coordinate patient care with interdisciplinary action. After the initial meetings, the nurses will then design a polices and procedure protocol which will be related to catheterization, it will be evidence –based practice guidelines summarize from the review of literature and research gathered for the PICO project (Nazarko, 2010). Since catheterization time is directly linked with CAUTIs (Wilson, 2011). Issues related to early removal of catheter, reduce unnecessary cases of catheterization and entrust responsible to staff for monitoring and ensuring that patient catheter is removed as soon as it not

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