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Sample multiple-choice questions for the English Legal System module for LLB open learning 1. Which of the statements below most accurately reflects the constitutional position between the legislature and the judiciary: a) Parliament encourages the judiciary to make law through the process of statutory interpretation because it does not have enough parliamentary time to enact laws itself. b) Parliament is the supreme lawmaking body and the role of the judiciary is to interpret and apply law made by Parliament. c) The judiciary considers itself a primary lawmaking body equal to Parliament. d) It is the role of the judiciary, when interpreting statutes, to fill in the gaps in the statutes. 2. Consider the following statements and decide which statement or combination of statements is correct: i) The judiciary creates law as it thinks is appropriate. ii) The judiciary can create law through statutory interpretation. iii) The judiciary creates law as frequently as Parliament. iv) The judiciary has no opportunity to create law. a) (i) only b) (ii) and (iii) only c) (iv) only d) (ii) only. 3. If the House of Lords was to become a wholly elected chamber, elected by people on the electoral roll, then; a) The democratic mandate of Parliament would increase. b) It would inevitably challenge the supremacy of the House of Commons. c) The number of hereditary peers would increase. d) Patronage by the Prime Minister would increase. 4. Which of the following judges would usually sit in the Supreme Court: a) Puisne Judges. b) Justices of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. c) District Judges. d) Lord Justices of Appeal. 5.
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