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SAMPLE MARKETING PLAN OUTLINE I. Define the Business A. Define the Product or Service B. Designate the Geographic Marketing Area C. Define the Competition ( List the Top 5 by Name ) 1. How does the business differ from the competition? 2. How does the competition promote their products/services? D. Describe the Promotion of the Business' Products/Services? II. Define Your Customers A. Define the Target Customer: 1. Age 2. Sex 3. Income 4. Neighborhood B. Describe how customers do or will learn about the business' products/services? C. Determine the patterns/habits of customers and potential customers 1. Where do they go? 2. What do they read/watch/listen to? D. What marketing tools can be implemented within the business' marketing campaign? (see the section on advertising budgets) E. What do customers value most about the business' products/services? F. Who has a need for the business' products/services that is currently not being reached? III. Define the Plan and Budget A. What methods of marketing have been used in the past to communicate to the customer? 1. What has worked most effectively? 2. What are the costs compared to sales? 3. What is the cost per customer? B. What different methods of marketing might work to bring new customers? C. What percentage of sales can be allocated within the business' budget to the marketing campaign? (See the Section on Advertising Budgets) D. How can you test your marketing ideas and measure the results? E. Which new marketing tool can be implemented immediately? IV. Choose Methods of Communications A. Advertising Which types are appropriate for the business? (see the section on Advertising Methods) 1. Word of Mouth How can this

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