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Child Adoption Matt Nies LAE1 Language and Communication Western Governors University I am writing this letter to give some insight to my close friends Mr. and Mrs. Smith. My wife and I have been close friends with them for going on fifteen years. We live in the same sub division our kids go to same school and after school activities and we have been on numerous family vacations together. If anyone has a better understanding of the Smiths’ character it would be us their close friends and neighbors. This led me to write this letter of recommendation for the Smiths’ to be considered an excellent choice to be adoptive parents for your agency. The Smiths’, Dave and Krystal, live on a small, quiet street with Sebastian and Adam their two children.…show more content…
Living across the street from us the Smiths’ have seen the type of children we have fostered and adopted. They have played a crucial role in trying to talk to and become a friend to each child we have taken in, always curious as to the situation they came from. We have had countless conversations about how some of the children lived, some of them were unfortunately more horror stories than anything. It is truly amazing what some of the children have had to experience at such a young age. During our conversations my wife and could tell the shock and disbelief that the Smiths’ portrayed. Raising two children in the way they are it is hard to believe that parents have no problem sending their children to bed hungry or dirty. My wife and I have talked to each other about the need for loving foster or adoptive parents in the area we live. Although we never mentioned that to the Smiths’, we did not want them to feel pressured, we knew that they would make perfect parents to someone in need. Then one day while sitting in our backyard watching all of the kids playing in the pool, Dave told us the news. He told us that both he and Krystal had been talking about adopting for quite awhile, it seemed that watching us taking these children in to our home and giving them the structure that they needed has inspired them. My wife and I were excited about the decision that…show more content…
They are stable financially and very loving people. During the years we have known them nothing has given us any clue that they are not first class parents. Now that the decision has been made to adopt as an agency you should be very excited that a couple like the Smiths’ has walked through your door. I have seen a lot of need with this system and not too many people willing to step up and help change the unfortunate hand an innocent child was dealt. The Smiths’ come highly recommended from us to you as being parents that some child would be lucky to have in their life. We are extremely excited to meet the new addition to their family. Thank

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