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Sample Exam Questions - Legal Studies Essay

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Sample Exam Questions
1. Outline the structure of the state and Commonwealth parliaments.
The Commonwealth parliament consists of:
• The Crown – represented by the governor-general which is appointed by the reigning British monarch on recommendation of the prime minister
• The House of Representatives – the lower house of the Commonwealth parliament, consisting of 150 members (or as near to twice the members of Senate) representing the interests of the nation, each representative is elected directly by voters of Australia
• The Senate – the upper house of the Commonwealth parliament, consists of 76 members, 12 elected from each state and 2 elected from each territory
The State parliaments (with the exception of Queensland) consist of
• The Crown – represented by the Governor
• The Legislative Assembly – the lower house of the State parliaments, consists of 88 members, each of which represents an electorate of similar size in population
• The Legislative Council – the upper house of the State parliaments, consists of 40 members that represent 8 provinces, each province elects 5 representatives

2. Identify two roles played by the Crown in the Australian parliamentary system.
Two roles that the Crown play in the Australian parliamentary system are:
• To assent (or withhold assent) to proposed laws that have been approved by both houses
• To appoint times for the holding of parliament
3. Explain the role played by each of the houses of parliament and the relationship between the two houses.
The roles of the lower house of parliament:
• Make laws - laws can be introduced by any member of parliament but usually comes from members of government. To become law, it must be approved by both house of parliament
• Form government - government is determined by the party, or parties in coalition, that holds the most seats in the lower house. To remain in government, the party must have the support of majority of the members of the lower house
The roles of...

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