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Dear Sirs:

Things we do in life often have measurable results but the extent of their impact is often difficult to quantity.   The Millard Business Scholarship, which you have so generously donated to the College of Business, has had an impact upon me far beyond the obvious and measurable financial help.

This year, as a senior majoring in Finance, I am already feeling nostalgic.   I have begun to wonder, “How can I give back to this place that has given me so much?”   Your gift serves as an example of the impact I would like to have beyond my graduation.

In receiving this scholarship, I am touched not only by your generosity but also by our shared desire to give back to this great college.   You have eased my financial burden but equally important, if not more so, you have allowed me an opportunity to see the impact such a gift has on a student’s point-of-view.   I feel a kinship and camaraderie with your husband, a man whom I never had the opportunity to meet, because we have a shared experience.   I feel pride in being selected to receive this gift.   I feel a responsibility to uphold the expectations that accompany such an honor.   And, I feel an excitement to some day be in your position, giving back to the institution that has helped build the foundation for the rest of my life.

This summer, I will begin my career in Chicago with the Northern Trust Company.   As I move to the next phase of my life, I will remain strongly tied to my roots here at the College f Business and the people, like yourself, who have helped shape my collegiate experience.

Thank you for your gift and the “immeasurable” impact it has had on me.


Jonathan Tagami

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