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Sample Essay

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  • on July 29, 2012
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Beauty - Appearance

cut a dash | If a person cuts a dash, they make a striking impression by their appearance and attractive clothes.
Wearing his uniform, my grandfather cut a dash on his wedding day. |
deck out | If you deck out someone or something, you dress or decorate them in a special way.
Paul decked out his car for the occasion. |
dressed to kill | When someone, especially a woman, is dressed to kill, they are wearing very fashionable or glamorous clothes intended to attract attention.
She arrived at the reception dressed to kill. |
dressed up to the nines | Someone dressed up to the nines is wearing very smart or glamorous clothes.
Caroline must be going to a party - she's dressed up to the nines. |
down at heel | A person who is down-at-heel is someone whose appearance is untidy or neglected because of lack of money.
The down-at-heel student I first met became a successful writer. |
face like a bulldog chewing a wasp | To say that someone has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp means that you find them very unattractive because they have a screwed-up ugly expression on their face.
Not only was he rude but he had a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp! |
face only a mother could love | This is a humoristic way of saying that someone is ugly or unattractive.
The poor guy has a face only a mother could love. |
face that would stop a clock | Someone who has a face that would stop a clock has a shockingly unattractive face.
You'll recognize him - he's tall and thin, with a face that would stop a clock! |
five o'clock shadow | This expression refers to a patch of stubble on the face of a man who hasn't shaved for at least a day.
He looked tired and had a five o'clock shadow. |
not a hair out of place | To say that someone does not have a hair out of place means that their appearance is perfect.
Angela is always impeccably dressed - never a hair out of place! |
look a sight | If a person looks a sight, their appearance is awful,...

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