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KEU120701 | Moral and Ethics of Engineering Profession | Assignment | | Ayan Paul | KEU120701 | | * Engineering design generally involves five steps: developing a statement of the problem and/or a set of specifications, gathering information pertinent to the problem, designing several alternatives that meet the specifications, analyzing the alternatives and selecting the best one, and testing and implementing the best design. Discuss how is ethical problem solving shares similar attributes with engineering design. In combining myriad design goals and constraints, engineering projects integrate multiple moral values connected with those goals and constraints—for example, safety, efficiency, respect for persons, respect for the environment and so on- so forth. As elsewhere, moral values are myriad, and they can give rise to ethical dilemmas: situations in which moral reasons come into conflict, or in which the applications of moral values are problematic, and it is not immediately obvious what should be done. The moral reasons might be obligations, rights, goods, ideals, or other moral considerations. A comprehensive approach is unarguably indispensable in addressing the rising moral or ethical dilemma. In such circumstances engineering design is in many respects a model for “designing” courses of action in many moral situations, in engineering and elsewhere. There are many aspects of engineering decisions that highlight important aspects of many moral decisions in general. * Generally there are alternative solutions to design problems, more than one of which is satisfactory. So is in the case of ethical problems. * When confronting a problem multiple moral factors are involved and among the satisfactory solutions for design problems, one solution is typically better in some respects and less satisfactory in other respects when

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