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Purpose: Critical thinking Terms 1. Law: a rule of nature that can never change 2. Theory: an explanation based on many observations that can change 3. Mass: the amount of matter in an object-always in kg 4. Weight: force due to the gravity of an object-w=mg 5. Volume: the amount of space that matter occupies, a 3d measure 6. Density: the amount of matter in an object-D=m/v 7. Variable: shorthand way to write a measurement type 8. Unit: tells us how much + what type of measure it is-V=5mph (valid measure) 9. Vector: quantities that have both size and direction 10. Scalar: quantities that have no direction-5mph 11. Matter: anything that has mass and takes up space-solid, liquid, gas 12. Inertia:…show more content…
Make a sketch. 4. List all known quantities vertically. 5. List all unknown quantities vertically. 6. Determine the formula that best relates the known to the unknown. 7. Substitute. Solve. Check Conversions Units must agree. 2 types of conversions 1. metric to metric prefix line: EX: 2. english to metric Conversion Factor Conversion EX: Scientific Notation Place (.) after the first non zero digit -exponents make the number smaller (left) EX: +exponents make the number larger (right) EX: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of Scientific Notation 1. Addition and Subtraction: If the exponent is the same, carry it to the answer. If it is not the same, make it the same. EX: 2. Multiplication: add the exponents. EX: 3. Division: subtract the exponents. EX: Graphical Analysis Why do we do G/A? To determine the equation. Where does the equation come from? The graph of a straight line. Equation: y=mx+b Y is the variable we plotted on the y axis. M is the slope. X is the variable we plotted on the x axis. B is the y intercept. EX: What if it is not a straight line? Make it

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