Sample Case Study Analysis: Human Services

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Human Service Analysis University of Phoenix In this case we study a 2 year old little boy who is Puerto Rican and African American. This little boy has an overload of anger. When his anger is triggered he explodes. He curses at his mother, telling her, “F--- you b----.” He throws any object that he finds in site, and he hits other children during his anger outrage. He gets filled with anger when he is told, “No.” His mother corrects him throughout the day because she notices that he is developing unhealthy behaviors, like hitting other children that he feels he is superior towards. According to (Gottlieb, 2002) who does not treat the little boy, “This is a distinct psychological problem in children which is separate from diagnoses such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, and…show more content…
Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment are four techniques that can be used to help the child to change his behaviors. Positive reinforcement may include a reward when he handles his anger the proper way. A negative reinforcement may make the child identify that there are consequences that he may not like towards his anger issues. According to (Murphy & Dillon, 2011), “People may smile, frown, wrinkle their foreheads, raise their eyebrows, or purse their lips at particular moments in the conversation.” When communicating with the young child, facial expressions can help to determine how the other person feels about what is being said. I would not only have to observe his facial expression but I would also have to control my own facial expressions. If the child does or says anything wrong I would have to look disappointed so he realizes that his actions upset me or I would have to smile when he does something right so he can understand what he did was right by looking at my nonverbal
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