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112th Congress 1st Session H.R. 169 To nationally legalize the use of marijuana under the commerce clause _________________________ IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES February 11, 2011 John Smith introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce. _________________________ A BILL To nationally legalize the use of marijuana under the commerce clause 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of 2 America in Congress assembled, 3 SECTION 1. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE LEGALIZATION OF MARUJUANA 4 IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 5 This Act may be cited as the “Marijuana Legalization Act of 2011” 6 SEC. 2. USAGE OF MARIJUANA IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 7 (a) IN GENERAL- Legalizing Marijuana in The United States of America is intended 8 to enhance medical studies and improve the health of this nation. 9 (b) Medical Usage- The legalization of marijuana is intended mainly for improvement 10 of the health of this nation 11 (1) Marijuana and other marijuana products shall be used cautiously to treat 12 certain patients with certain conditions. 13 (2) All medically used marijuana must be prescribed or approved to use by a 1 licensed doctor. 2 (c) Eligibility- All patients must be at the age of eighteen to be considered for a 3 legal prescription or approval to be treated by marijuana or marijuana products. 4 SEC. 3. MEDICAL USAGE OF MARIJUANA 5 (a) IN GENERAL- Medical use of marijuana must be approved or prescribed specifically 6 by licensed doctor. 7 (b) REASON FOR MEDICAL PURPOSE- Reason of prescription of approval of 8 medical use of marijuana must have a reasonable cause and proof that marijuana 9 is able to treat the condition of the patient pending marijuana treatment. 10 (c) LIMITATION- For purposes of health and safety hazards of the

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