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I volunteered at a summer camp this past summer, and during that time, one of the most historic events happened in Comic Con, and what will be in cinematic history: Batman would star along side Superman in the Man of Steel sequel. That Monday, the start of a new week at camp, a student came in wearing a T-shirt with the Man of Steel logo. I asked him if he had heard about the news, and, of course, he did. He was just as excited as I was, but that excitement soon became clouded in controversy. “Christian Bale is not going to be Batman and the Man of Steel and new DC Universe have nothing to do with Nolan’s Trilogy” was my stance. The student, on the other hand, was persistent in his theory: “Christian Bale is coming back. They even quoted The Dark Knight Returns (in which an aged Batman resurfaces from retirement) so that must mean he will. Joseph Gordon Levitt’s ‘Robin’ is going to be trained by the League of Shadows. Christopher Nolan is coming back to write it, just as he did in Man of Steel.” He was right about how the announcement included a quote from The Dark Knight Returns, but wrong about everything else. Though Christopher Nolan helped in the inception of the rebooted Superman, he did not write Man of Steel.He introduced concepts and ultimately only became a producer. Even more so, Nolan has stepped further away from the sequel by only becoming an executive producer rather than producer. And about The Dark Knight Returns quote, director Zack Snyder clearly stated: “We’re not adapting this thing, but it will help tell the story…” Following last month’s announcement, Warner Bros. announced that the award-winning actor/writer/director Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman to star with Henry Cavill’s Supes. Social networks and forums blew up in a craze. Twitter hashtags such as #Batfleck and #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck, as well as initial comments and

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