Sami Awad and Martin Luther King

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How is Sami Awad in Chapter 4 of my book inspired by MLK? How are his tactics similar? How is his environment different? What is the likelihood of success? Sami Awad the executive director of Holy Land Trust is inspired by Martin Luther King’s peace marches. Awad resides in a country full of turmoil and in 2007 dressed as Santa Claus in a march from Bethlehem, where the wall blocking Israeli’s from the Palestinians in Jerusalem was built. Awad models off of King’s peaceful processions for equality and rights. As Santa, Awad led the Palestinians to their land if only to stand for a moment. (Culp page 30) Both King and Awad believed in trusting in power to heal the world. Awad fighting for Palestinians and Israeli’s to one day come together and share land, King for the right of a black child to sit next to a white child. Awad’s mission to do what very few Palestinians were able to do with reaching their farm lands in the hills of Bethlehem shows the support of the people in allowing them to reach their land to maintain and plant on it. Awad shapes a unique world view on how to love your neighbor. Awad began to learn about nonviolence when he was young; inspired by Martin Luther King Jr, Awad read comic books with stories about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement in Arabic, even though any nonviolent mediums were prohibited under the Israeli occupation. Awad later traveled to India to learn more about Ghandi who was another inspiration of his. Awad’s hope is that society will come to be recognized and respected as human beings. Like Martin Luther King’s 1950’s Civil Rights marches, today Awad brings together Palestinians in the city of Bethlehem, where it is said that god became man. Together the Palestinians who have lost their land rights stand side by side with the desire to only be seen as equals. Awad’s organizations goals are
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