Same Work Ethic Analysis

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Imagine a situation where you are paired up with a coworker to complete a very important project for your company. The coworker does not share the same work ethic that you do, and you are concerned about working together toward successful completion of the project. It is not a job that you can handle on your own as there are a lot of specialty areas that this person knows well and you know nothing about. Discuss at least three things you can do to improve your working relationship with this person so that you do not dread going to work every day and that will improve the work you produce as a team. CS204-3-JMarques:Discussion Response While working with a coworker who does not share the same work ethics as I do. Being in the corporate field and working with deadlines, I do things more the traditional way, meaning get the job done…show more content…
Whether it is through emails, Face to face or virtual conferences this aspect is a must. This helps to get everyone on the same page with work details, time restrictions and breaking up the work between co-workers. Be open and honest with your co-worker. Expectations and Documentation. Having expectations and letting everyone on the team know what they have to do, what they will be held accountable for, and the timeframe to get it done are also extremely important. Along with this goes written documentation (again communication) of this step so nothing is left by chance. Give each person a copy so they know what to expect up front. 3. Hold Team Meetings: References: Bruce Mayhew Become a fan Corporate Trainer What Is Collaboration at Work? Posted: 07/24/2014 7:58 pm EDT Updated: 07/24/2014 7:59 pm EDT Print Article retrieved 7/25/14 from: Retrieved on 7/26/14 from:
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