Same Sex-Schooling Essay

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Same-Sex Schooling Coeducation is what I have only been through in my educational life; therefore, I did not know much about what is so-called “Same-sex Schooling”. What we called “Same-sex Schooling” sounds something that does not exist in my age. I remembered what my dad would tell me about his sweetheart in a female high school and how he would wait for her outside of the school entrance everyday after classes. However, this kind of romances is rarely seemed these days. I was wondering: why is Same-sex schooling getting lesser and lesser now in our society? And a little research that I did, leads me to an answer. There are advantages and disadvantages in Same-sex schooling; however, the advantages are not suitable to the social system now days. Experts say that same-sex schooling brings less stress to students. In a male-school, boys are less competitive because they do not have to worry about what girls are thinking about them. In the other hand, girls in the female school feel more comfortable having classes without boys next to them. As a girl, I agree with this investigation; however, there must be a reason why the same-sex schools are now lesser than before. Traditionally, people think girls and boys must be separated physically; therefore, we have so many same-sex schools back then. Nevertheless, by separating schools by genders, teenagers misunderstand many on the opposite sex. Moreover, the curiosity to the opposite sex will rise by isolating the genders in schools, and sometimes curiosities would be the cause of youth problems. During my educational life, as a female I have learned a lot from boys. Imagine if I were in a female school, I probably would lost a lot of chance of getting to know what boys are thinking and understand why boys are thinking such way. In the opposite, boys could learn and understand more about the differences between
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