Same Sex Parenting Essay

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The definition of the standard North American Family has always been, “a legally married couple sharing a household. The adult male is in paid employment; his earnings provide the economic basis of the family-household. The adult female may also earn an income, but her primary responsibility is to the care of the husband, household, and children. Adult male and female may be parents (in whatever legal sense) of children also resident in the household” (Smith, 1993, p. 52) Society, within the last few years, has redefined the average family and has developed it into many different forms. There are between six and fourteen million children currently being raised in same-sex parent families. Nowadays, homosexual parenting has become accepted by some and shunned by others. Many, including myself, have come to view this topic as immoral. Raising a child without both a mother and father has an incredible effect on the development of the child. (Schneider, 2001). To then change the structure of what a family is supposed to be, by insisting homosexual parents are what the norm, will create a more difficult development for the child. This paper will not only analyze but will defend the “cons” of homosexual parenting and marriage. THE ISSUE & PROBLEMS IT PRESENTS A child that is being raised by homosexual parents grows up in a family unit that has an unbalanced ratio of male and female role models in the home environment; thus you can reasonably expect that this imbalance would spread into the parents’ circle of friends and the people that the family socialize with on a regular basis. Growing up in a home with two parents of the same sex deprives children of the chance to see how males and females interact in a family situation. Children look for both a mother and a father and benefit from having both in the home. Parents are strong role models and because

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