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SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS: Laws: - The marriage act 1961(cth) -Gives number of rights and obligations which exclude homosexual couples -They do not have the legal martial status- remain single - The sex discrimination act 1984 and the state antidiscrimination act 1977 -Protect homosexuals and defactos against discrimination based on martial status - 2004 amendments to marriage act -Reaffirmed that marriage as ‘the union between a man and women -Voids same sex marriage in Australia as well as those who previously married in another country - Sames sex couples want more than the right to a legally recognized marriage but also for the removal of instituionalised discrimination Legal responses: - Same-sex relationships (equal treatment in commonwealth laws-general law reform) ACT 2008 o Extension of definition s of defacto partner, child, parent, couple and family to include ame sex couples o E.g. health insurance act 1973 amended to allow benefits such as same-sex coupels and their children having eligibility to register for medicare and receive same entitlements available to hetero couples and their children o E.g. 2 fsmily law amendment (de-facto financial matters and other measures) act 2008. property matters and maintence matters heard by courts or federal magistrate for homosexual couples - Legal recognition of a same sex couple as being parents to children. Miscellaneous acts amendment (same sex relationships act 2008 Granted equal parenting rights of female partners of mothers, gives - children born in a same sex relationship equal inheritance rights, and parents equal protection over child if relationship to end NON legal responses: Glrl .org Australian Marriage equality Australian Christian lobby groups- agaisnt Responsiveness of the legal system: Antidiscrimination board

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