Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Same sex marriage has been one of the most controversial topics in the United States for some time now. People have many reasons to believe that same sex marriage should continue to be illegal throughout the U.S. Such reasons go as far as religion, moral values and parenting. I would disagree with these claims I believe that same sex marriage should be legalized, and homosexuals should be giving the right to marry who they would like to marry. There are many reasons why I believe same sex marriage should be legalized such as; I believe that same sex marriage does not harm anyone’s religious rights. I belie I believe that marriage is between love and love not man and woman and I believe also it protects the institution of marriage, allowing any person to marry any other human being if they would like. Most people’s reasoning for not legalizing same sex marriage is that “Religious liberty is one of the deepest American values”. Many Americans believe that marriage is only right if it’s between a man and woman we have all heard the saying “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”, this saying is why most Americans do not believe on same sex marriage because of religious reasoning, they say it’s in the bible so forth and so on. Many American are contradicting them self’s by bringing up the religious claim. They believe in what they want to believe in, in that case that is not morally right. They say same sex marriage isn’t right and it’s in the bible, but so is working on the seventh, having sex before marriage and honoring your parents that many people fail to do, yet neither of those things is illegal. Some say that allowing same sex marriage would be violating their religious freedom as a U.S citizen because they’re allowed to believe in whatever they want. Green states in her article on same sex marriage that “The same argument can be made for

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