Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Josiland N. Anderson English 112 Rough Draft of Persuasive Essay Dec 13, 2012 ( Can’t help who you love….) Marriage is defined as the lawful union between a man and woman. Socially, it is a union between two individuals who unite as a singular unit to grow as a family. Generally speaking, it is a declaration to the world that two individuals love each other and have vowed to spend the remainder of their lives together. Some individuals are not interested in the opposite sex; the argument arises about the right for two men or women to get lawfully married. Considering the arguments made by both sides, you can love who love, abide the civil rights of humans and still up hold the laws of marriage. The crusade to preserve marriage between a man and a woman is being led by Frank Schubert. According to an article published by the New York Times, Schubert states that “everyone has a right to love who they choose, but nobody has a right to redefine marriage.” In order to provide the “equality of marriage” to same sex couples, the definition of marriage would have to be changed. The argument is an attempt to soften the blows against gay marriage. Of course the definition would need to be updated, not necessarily changed, but amended. An additional definition could exist, to cover same sex couples. As a culture evolves, so must its vocabulary and word usage. We no longer as nation refer to a Black person a Negro; nor does the nation refer to a good time as a “gay old time; so too then can marriage broaden its definition to afford equality to same sex couples. The approach to deny human rights to marry to homosexuals have gained momentum by assuring those advocates of the argument aren’t bigots, but are human beings just protecting the sanctity of a foundation of the county of love. Realistically, sticking to old ways simply cannot happen considering

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