Same-Sex Marriage Essay

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Same-sex marriage Same-sex marriage is the legal and social recognition that a marriage between two persons of the same biological sex takes place, also know as Gay Marriage. Many people are different in their own ways why should then there be laws that prohibits what they want to be or how they want to live. Homosexuals are still American citizens, and therefore their rights should be protected, if America lives up to its name and if it’s a free, fair and equal country, then everyone should have the same human rights. Same-sex marriage should be legalized because it will increase child adoptions rate, will help create stronger family values, it has been legalized in 9 U.S states, it is good for the economy in general . Same-sex couples can be good parents for a child, the number of children living with same-sex parents have doubled since 2000. According to the 2000 census, “one quarter of all same-sex couples households included childrens, and more than one million American children are currently being raised by homosexual parents''. Children that are being raised by homosexual parents are not disadvantaged in any way compared with children of straight parents. Extending marriage rights to gay couples would privide stable two-parent homes to countless adoptable children. Infants throught teenagers have been neglected, abusedd, or abandoned by their birth parents, and are in need of loving homes , same-sex couples can and want to be there for them. The number of states allowing same-sex couples to adopt has almost tripled in six years. Utah and Mississippi alone still outlaw gay adoption, but every other state in America allows homosexuals adults to adopt. The adoption process often includes a home visit and evaluation of the parents' skills to raise children good , some couples still may fail evaluation for some inexplicable reasons .The biggest obstacle for

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