Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Same sex marriage has grown to become one of the most debated topics in government today. Because many people are full of opinions on this topic, it has still not been decided whether or not same sex marriage should become legal or be completely banned. San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom began officiating same sex weddings on the steps of city hall in February of 2004(motherjones). Since then, Many gay couples have moved out to California to happily start their new lives, while others in the south are still having steaming arguments as to legalizing same sex marriage. Although many citizens have diverse opinions on same sex marriage, it will be the choice of the voters, whether or not to ban marriage for same sex couples. Some people would say, marriage should be about loving, supportive, nurturing relationships, and such relations are not dependent upon gender. Gay marriages will only strengthen and enrich the social concept of marriage(times). while others who strongly disagree, say gay marriage should not be legalized. They believe Marriage is a unique commitment between a man and a woman that among other thing, set up societies structure and safety new to care for the children that are conceived in that union(times). Because Same sex couples can not produce children together, it could be said to be second rate, and a cheap imitation to "a real marriage" with a Man and woman. This is America and it is a free country, some believe that putting a stop to gay marriage could be infringing on the freedom on expression amendment. Same sex unions should be legally recognized. when two people make a conscious choice to share their lives together, they need the socioeconomic advantages and protections extended to different sex unions(times). This has nothing to do with morality but has everything to do with equality, and the amendment states that all men are created

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