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Same-Sex Marriage Same-sex marriage became a reality in our life not only in the United States but also all over the world in the late 20th and early 21th centuries; there has been a growing movement in number of countries to regard marriage as a right which should be extended to gay and lesbian couples. Legal recognition of a marital union opens up a wide range of entitlements, including social security, taxation inheritance and other benefits to couples unmarried in the eyes of the law. , Recently in 2012, same-sex couple is legal many states of the United Sates such as New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington, California, Maine, the District of Columbia, Maryland and soon In NJ. These states have all the rights, benefits, and privileges marriage entails. I oppose this legalization of this marriage because both homosexual and heterosexual couples now have equal rights in the eyes of the law. Therefore, in our view the case to change the definition of marriage, as accepted throughout time and across cultures, is strikingly weak. Marriage in ever society down through history has defined marriage between man and woman. We don’t want to mess with the institution that has as old a heritage as marriage Moreover marriage is legally recognized union between two people, generally a man and a woman, in which they are united sexually The thoughts of a man engaging in sex with another man makes me sick. It is also disgusting. I feel the same way about two lesbians having sex. I think nobody in the world will respect any country if allow this behavior to be institutionalized. Marriage is a socially sanctioned union, typically of one man and one woman, in this connection called husband and wife. Typically they form a family, socially, through forming a household, which is often subsequently extended biologically, through

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