Same Game, Different Player Essay

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Same Game, Different Player Two young women started from the bottom and worked their way to the top in the WNBA. These women are true warriors who have fought for their goals independently. Matee Ajavon and Cappie Pondexter are women athletes who battle not only through college but also the WNBA and have worked extremely hard to better their stats, these women are different players playing the same game. Matee Ajavon was born May 7th 1986 in Liberia. She was a key player to Rutgers University as a college athlete. Matee was the 5th overall bpick in the 2008 women draft. This young woman was drafted to the Houston comets; however, was traded to the Washington mystics in 2009. This key guard player is still continuing her career with the Washington mystics at this present time. Cappie Pondexter was born January 7th 1983 in Oceanside, California. Pondexter was also a college athlete at Rutgers University. In 2005 she was a part of a team that made an elite eight appearance she followed the following year with the 2006 Women’s Basketball News Service National Player of the Year. In the 2006 Cappie was drafted the 2nd overall pick and went to the phoenix Mercury. Later on in her career Pondexter was traded to the New York Liberty. These two ladies have had many accomplishment at young ages. They started just like any other young person. Some of their similarities are obvious such as they both have love for the game of basketball. Hard work is another similarity, which is why they have made it so far in this sport. Both ladies attended the same college and were a part of the same program and introduced to college basketball under the same coach. They both play the same position, a guard, which is generally shorter than the other players. Some say stats will tell you everything about a player and others say that stats are just numbers that don’t mean anything. Cappie

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